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Purpose of Education:

  • It contains guidelines for operational aspects of the structural security of the storage system.

  • To minimize the risk and consequences of unsafe operation.

  • To protect the building from internal and external influences.

Duration of Training: 1.5 or 2 hours

Who Can Participate in the Training: Logistics managers, stackers operators

Educational content:

The Shelf Care training seeks answers to the following basic questions:

  • Are there any deviations in the plumb line of the racking system vertical elements?

  • Is there any deficiency in the connections of the rack system elements?

  • Are there any visible cracks in the elements and problems with welds?

  • Is there any inconvenience or problem on the floor where the rack system is installed?

  • Are there any problems with ground connection anchors, plate elevations, nuts?

  • Does the shelf system have a project?

  • Are there any missing elements in the racking system components that have been removed or removed?

  • Are there any traverses that have been relocated?

  • Are there any missing traverse safety pins?

  • Is the rack system installed in accordance with the rules? (Axle, plumb line, set square, etc.)

  • Is it loaded in accordance with the shelf carrying capacity?

  • Is the stability of the loads suitable? (Loading distribution suitability)

  • Is there any incompatibility with the pallets used?

  •  Is the stability of the loads in the floor suitable? (Swelling, lying, excessive load, etc.)

  •  Are cargo warning information signs available and appropriate?

  • Are there foot protection barriers and frame barriers? If yes, is it suitable?

  • Are the physical conditions of the storage area suitable? (Corridor distance and equipment suitability etc.)

  • Are the dimensions of the load accessories suitable for the rack system? (Pallet dimensions and suitability of pallets to the load)

İbrahim YILDIZ


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