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Mobile pallet racking systems are the most flexible and convenient racking systems for the storage of heavy and large goods.

What are Mobile Shelving Systems?

Mobile racking systems are practical solutions that large enterprises, industrial establishments and all other storage needs can use to store their heavy and large goods. Akdenizrack Mobile Racking Systems are designed to serve our customer needs by meeting such demands.

Sliding racking systems in mobile racks facilitate the transportation of heavy loads of enterprises and provide functional storage.

Our mobile shelving systems are equipped with modern and advanced technology control units. In addition, with our modular systems, it can take shape in line with all kinds of needs and requests of businesses.

It is very important to be able to organize corridors in the warehouses of companies, in logistics and in all other processes. Our company makes storage processes efficient by enabling the creation of new areas in all storage areas with mobile shelving systems.

Where Are Mobile Racking Systems Used?

Mobile shelving systems find wide usage areas with the convenience they provide in terms of storage. Akdenizrack Mobile Racking Systems can be used easily in many areas with its expertise and electronic experience in conveyor systems.

Our systems, which can be easily optimized for every area where large and heavy products are stored, are also easily used in cold chain warehouses. With our effective designs and combinations in cold chain storage areas, we come across in mobile racking systems as the first choice of customers.

As Akdenizrack , our mission is to offer our customers safe and quality service together. In this direction, we are working to be your solution partner in order to ensure a smooth and efficient workflow in storage areas with our emergency buttons, distance sensors, manual control systems and safety barriers in our mobile shelf systems.

Modern security systems integrated into our mobile racking systems are equipped with programmable (PLC) features. Our modular concepts also allow our customers to fully meet their wishes and needs under all circumstances.

 What Are The Advantages Of Mobil Racking Systems?

There are thousands of examples of mobile racking systems around the world. These racking systems offer great convenience and advantages in the industrial sector. Our company, which has the European CE certificate, also delivers mobile racking services to the whole world in line with the sector's needs.

-Mobile racking systems consist of conventional pallet racks mounted on mobile bases. In this way, it is possible to open and close the corridors according to the needs. Individual access to pallets is very easy in these racking systems that provide compact storage.

These racking systems also offer great advantages in terms of cost. For example; Its use in cold storages with high storage space costs provides great advantage and convenience. By increasing warehouse efficiency, it can be turned into a big investment for the future.

It provides a 90% capacity increase compared to other pallet racking systems, contributing greatly to heating-cooling or lighting costs.

- Provides storage capacity that can be increased by over 90% .

-It can be integrated according to every field and need with its modular structures.

- Provides energy efficiency.

- Thanks to the increase in the use of space, it provides a great profit from operating and furniture costs.

They offer more efficient workflow, higher performance and time control.

They are suitable systems for cold storage needs.

They are earthquake resistant structures.


 Mobile shelving systems are preferred quite frequently today with all the advantages they offer. Our company, with its experience in the sector, delivers mobile racking systems services to all over the world. Our priority is to ensure customer satisfaction and safety. Our company, which has all the competencies and documents in this regard, brings our advanced technology-oriented pallet racking systems and its customers together. For more detailed information about our services, you can reach us through all our communication channels.