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Akdeniz Rack light and medium load racking systems are the ideal storage solution, especially for medium to small sized items.

It allows installation with other storage systems.

Ideal for storing archive boxes and spare parts.

It facilitates the storage of low volume products. The racks have  strong and rigid structure.

Thus, stored goods are protected from crushing and other damages.

The Mdium Racking System’s are in dismountable in structure, thus easy and quick assembly and disassembly operations can be done.

It is an ideal solution for both storing archive boxes and exhibiting products in supermarkets.

Electrostatic powder coating is used.

Diversity of construction materials and accessories ensures perfect compatibility of entire system to the warehouse.

Provides access to stocks in any environment.

It has quick order preparation characteristics.

It offers an aesthetic appearance because of the quality material.

In this system, if excessive amount of goods stocked, pins are used with the beams together to increase the strength.