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Akdenizrack also provides Miniload System services to meet your needs. Mını storage systems, professionally designed for small-sized loads and products, aim to maximize the utilization of limited storage space. Additionally, they find application in high-volume areas for manual systems with low unit storage. With our Miniload AS-RS service, we ensure secure storage of small products through enclosed storage facilities.

Mınıload storage systems are typically automated storage systems designed for storing small-sized loads. These systems are used for the high-speed and automated storage, retrieval, and management of materials. Here are some key features of Miniload storage systems:

1. Automated Storage Systems: Miniload systems are usually high-tech and automated systems. They utilize rail-based transportation systems and lifting equipment to automatically handle the storage, retrieval, and transportation of products within the warehouse.

2. High Storage Capacity: Miniload systems are optimized for storing small-sized products densely. By minimizing the gaps between shelves, these systems maximize storage capacity.

3. Flexibility: Miniload storage systems typically have a flexible structure. They may include adjustable shelves and storage areas to accommodate products of different sizes.

4. High Efficiency: Thanks to their automatic operation, Miniload systems optimize material handling and increase warehouse efficiency.

5. High Security: Miniload storage systems are often equipped with security measures. This may include access controls, security cameras, and other security measures to ensure the safety of stored products.

6. Data Management and Monitoring: Miniload systems often have a computer-based control system. These systems can automatically monitor products in the warehouse, manage inventory, and process orders.

These features are commonly found in modern storage facilities where Miniload storage systems are preferred for the fast, secure, and efficient storage of small-sized loads.