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According to AkdenizRack® | all human kind should acquire the right of quality, sustainable competition and steady growth which ultimately makes happy employees and qualified workforce.

The main objective of our Human Resources policy is to create a business environment in which employees to have a comfortable, peaceful and warm family atmosphere to keep their motivation high, strengthening their loyalty to the organization and ensuring productive processes. We are also allowing all employees to share opinions and ideas in accordance with the principle of transparency.

For success; In addition to product and service quality, to find qualified personnel, improve the technical and behavioral competencies of the existing personnel and maintain quality with contemporary human resources management systems is one of our basic principles. We never forget the most precious asset in life, which is the human.   We are aware and proudly expressing that, lower employee turnover can only be attained with giving sense of belonging, material and spiritual fulfillment.

We will be successfull as it is now, in providing high value to our country and industry for more than half century, by keeping our qualified and trained workforce under the umbrella of AkdenizRack®. We will remain as family at AkdenizRack®.

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