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Shuttle Pallet Racking System is a high-density storage system, which allows loading and unloading of the products automatically with Shuttle device in the racking lanes.

Shuttle Pallet is used by the operator with a remote control which has forward and backward, up and down, loading and unloading functions in manual mode and automatically loading and unloading in automatic mode.

Shuttle Pallet can be transferred from one lane to another racking lanes by using a forklift. It can lift pallets at different sizes and carry up to 1500kg load.


Advantages of  Shuttle Pallet Racking System:

  • Store more pallets comparing to classic racking solutions
  • Save operators working time for 50%
  • The risk of forklift operator misuse is low
  • Reduce maneuvers for forklift operations
  • Reduce product damage
  • Commands can be retrieved from the warehouse management system (WMS)
  • Can work at -30°C environment in cold rooms and freezers