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Automatic Storage Systems

Automatic storage systems refer to a range of technologies and equipment that enable the automatic handling, loading, and storing of materials, products, or loads. These systems are commonly used in large-scale storage and distribution facilities and are designed to maximize storage space, reduce labor costs, and optimize warehouse operations. Automatic storage systems consist of complex mechanical and electronic systems integrated with automatic management software and sensors.

Some common types of automatic storage systems include:

  1. Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS): These systems are highly automated and facilitate the automatic placement and retrieval of pallets or boxes, providing rapid and accurate material handling while maximizing warehouse space.

  2. Robotic Storage Systems: These systems use robotic arms and sensors to automatically transport and arrange goods within storage areas. Robots can handle, place, and retrieve loads within the warehouse space.

  3. Conveyor Systems: Conveyor systems are moving belts or systems that transport materials at a specified direction and speed. These systems facilitate the automatic transportation of materials and ensure a continuous flow within the warehouse.

  4. Lift Storage Systems: These systems create vertical storage space to utilize height efficiently. Lifts move storage shelves up and down, thus increasing storage capacity.

  5. Pallet Storage Systems: These systems include designs that facilitate the storage and retrieval of palletized loads, commonly known as rack systems or automated pallet stackers.

  6. Rack Storage Systems: Rack systems are fundamental automatic storage systems used to organize storage space. They may include vertical racks, carriers, and sometimes automatic conveying systems.

Automatic storage systems are typically integrated with a warehouse management system to monitor, manage, and optimize warehouse operations. Their use increases warehouse efficiency while reducing human error and labor costs.

Our company, Akdenizrack, is a leading name in the industry, providing warehouse rack systems and automatic storage system services nationwide and internationally. We prioritize customer satisfaction without compromising on quality and reliability in delivering our services. Years of experience in the industry are reflected professionally in all aspects of our services, earning us strong references.

Akdenizrack offers automatic storage system solutions for the optimization, automation, and integration of packaged products, palletized products, intermediate products, and final products in areas such as factories and warehouses.

With our AS/RS systems, loads are stored on shelves, enabling easy product checks, organization, unloading, and directing orders for picking according to logistic plans by computers. Our AS/RS automatic storage rack systems consist of high-rise warehouse shelves. With this service provided within the scope of our services, even shelves as high as 40 meters can be easily controlled. The movable arrangement of the racks eliminates aisles, allowing the entire storage area to be designed at full capacity.

Our smart warehouse rack systems consist of advanced technology computer systems, automatic robots, software, and hardware.

In our robotic storage systems, robots move faster than humans, carrying products beyond human capacity, determining the most suitable route to streamline workflow and enhance efficiency.

Akdenizrack continues its research and development efforts tirelessly in the scope of Automatic and Robotic Storage Systems, developing projects and providing services without slowing down.