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Automatic Storage Systems

Automatic Storage Systems
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Automatic Storage Systems An automated storage and retrieval system, commonly known as AS/RS, is a computer-controlled system that efficiently stores and replenishes loads from specific locations.


AS/RS technology is widely used in warehouses, manufacturing units and distribution centers for material handling and inventory management purposes. These systems are widely used in cold storage, automotive, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food and beverage and e-commerce applications.


What are the Types of Automated Storage?

With Automatic Storage Systems, a modern and technological understanding has been adopted in product storage methods. With this understanding, while the costs and workload are reduced, the efficiency of the work flow has been increased. Products such as lift, multi rack and carousel are the most basic assistants of this technology. In addition, automatic storage systems have been diversified to meet every need.


As/Rs Storage Systems

Light Duty Storage Systems

Conveyor and Sorter Systems


Advantages of Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems


Automatic storage and retrieval systems have several advantages for warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities.


1. Reducing variable costs

Automatic storage and retrieval systems reduce the variable costs of operations by reducing the need for manual labor for tasks such as picking, warehousing, assembly and inventory replenishment. These costs are variable and expenses such as overtime, benefits, and payroll taxes are added to the total manual labor cost.


2. Automation guide, recurring storage and retrieval costs

As mentioned, AS/RS solutions automate manual, repetitive storage and retrieval tasks, reducing the need for manual labor. Automating these tasks improves accuracy and efficiency while also freeing employees to focus on higher-value activities.


3. Better security

Human workers who perform manual, repetitive tasks for several hours can experience fatigue and muscle tension, increasing the risk of error and injury. Likewise, mistakes made when operating heavy equipment in a production or warehouse environment can be dangerous and result in injury or death.


AS/RS solutions automate these tasks, eliminating employee fatigue and physical strain while eliminating errors that can hinder productivity and safety. AS/RS equipment can also move materials and loads that are too heavy for humans to carry, reducing workplace injuries from lifting.


4. Better space utilization

Proper grouping of shelves and items is vital in warehouses and distribution centers. Stocks of raw materials, work-in-progress and finished products need to be replenished regularly to ensure processes continue uninterrupted. Warehouses and distribution centers depend on effective use of space to maintain a healthy bottom line.


Most AS/RS solutions require narrower aisles than facilities that require adequate aisle space for human workers and equipment such as forklifts to pass, often with two-way traffic. Narrower aisles open up more storage space for goods and materials, allowing warehouses and DCs to store more products without expanding the facility. Facilities can make better use of vertical space, as automated storage and retrieval systems have easier access to higher storage locations than human workers.


Our company Akdenizrack ® operates as the leading name of the sector throughout the country and abroad with its warehouse shelf systems and automatic storage systems services. Our company prioritizes customer satisfaction without sacrificing quality and trust while providing its services. Years of experience in the sector reflects professionally on our entire service process and gives us strong references.


Akdenizrack offers automatic storage systems solutions in intralogistics systems for the optimization, automation and integration of packaged products, palletized products, intermediate products and final products in areas such as factories and warehouses.


Our company offers its customers a wide range of applications in production, storage and distribution centers.


With AS-RS Systems, our company ensures that the cargoes are stored on the shelves, and the product controls can be easily carried out, arranged, unloaded and the collection of orders within the logistics planning is directed by computers. Akdenizrack, ASRS automatic storage rack systems consist of high-altitude warehouse shelves. In this service, which is offered within the scope of our company's services, even shelves as high as 40 meters can be easily kept under control. With the mobility of the shelf mechanisms, the corridors are eliminated and the warehouse space used can be designed at full capacity.


Our smart warehouse racking systems consist of advanced technology computer systems, automatic robots, software and hardware.


In our robotic storage systems, robots move faster than humans, carry products beyond human power, and determine the most appropriate route, accelerating the workflow and making it more efficient.


Akdenizrack continues its R&D studies within the scope of Automatic and Robotic Storage Systems without slowing down and offers its services by developing its projects.