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Akdenizrack® is the leading company of the Warehouse Racking Systems sector, and with its entrepreneurial and innovative vision, it has become the reason for preference not only in the growing Turkey but also in the world markets. Founded in 1980 with 100% Turkish capital, Akdenizrack® gives directions Warehouse Systems technologies with the contributions of TemesistRack Turkish engineers.


Akdenizrack®, which has a production area of ​​20.000 m2 in Bilecik Organized Industrial Zone, produces in accordance with TS EN ISO 15512 standards.


Our head office is in Istanbul, and we have dealers and regional directorates in Turkey and abroad.


Our head office is in Istanbul, and we have dealers and district offices in Turkey and abroad.


We established our exporting unit as Akdenizrack® - Temesist A.Ş, with our vision that sees Turkey's growth as indexed to the growth of exports and always aims to elevate its name and place in the sector.


Our company, which is the sector leader in the domestic market of Turkey, proves its success by exporting to more than 100 countries. This rapid growth in a short time has turned into stability over time and Akdenizrack® -Temesist has taken its place among the respected and reliable organizations of the shelf industry.


Our company attaches importance to R&D studies in Warehouse and Rack Systems. Studies carried out by our expert R/D engineers in our factory in Bilecik, with the approval of distinguished domestic and foreign universities, are brought to the market as new products. These studies are carried out in coordination with the relevant universities, and after the products we design are tested by our R/D unit, they are approved by making final examinations at the universities.


Our new products designed and patented are certified as TSEK (Designer Firm). In this context, our company has been deemed worthy of the INTERNATIONAL GLOBAL QUALITY AWARD.


Akdenizrack® offers the best solution to the demands from all over the world at the most affordable price, thanks to its internationally proven shelf experience, expert staff and project management with teamwork. Akdenizrack®-Temesist is a reliable business partner that takes firm steps towards its goals with its superior technological opportunities and that its customers prefer to work with for many years.


Our company has adopted the principle of continuous growth thanks to the projects it has developed and completed with the use of modern technology in a way that is sensitive to public health and the environment, by ensuring the occupational safety of its employees.