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AS-RS Systems, with its full name Automated Storage and Retrieval System, is the autonomous control of all activities such as automatic storage, logistics planning and shipment, stock follow-up through computer systems. These systems are used intensively in sectors such as food, automotive, pharmaceutical, logistics, where production and shipment processes are rapid, as well as air cargo businesses, distribution warehouses, electronic products and white goods warehouses.

In many other storage systems, AS-RS systems are advantageous and low-cost systems when the costs and maintenance of the machines used in the works, operator expenses and all other expenses based on the foreseen risks are taken into account. In addition to the cost issue, the ability to use the storage area with high efficiency is one of the biggest advantages of automatic storage systems.

Our company offers its customers a wide range of applications in production, storage and distribution centers.

With AS-RS Systems, our company ensures that the cargoes are stored on the shelves, and the product controls can be easily carried out, arranged, unloaded and the collection of orders within the logistics planning is directed by computers. Akdenizrack, ASRS automatic storage rack systems consist of high-altitude warehouse shelves. In this service, which is offered within the scope of our company's services, even shelves as high as 40 meters can be easily kept under control. With the mobility of the shelf mechanisms, the corridors are eliminated and the warehouse space used can be designed at full capacity.