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Advantages of Gravity Racking Systems

Gravity Racking Systems consist of heavy reel grooves on the pallets to allow self-slipping towards the unloading direction by tilting. Since many channels are located side by side and on top of each other, height of the warehouse is optimally utilised. Loading and unloading ports are separated.

In addition to storing, the rollers are carrying out duty of transportation. The Gravity Racking warehouses are used in the shipping area for receiving or dispatch of the goods  for intermediate storage and dispatch preparation. The use of shelves can be used with stackers, which are usually mushy or bifurcated. Manual pallet trucks can be usilised on the lowest floor where pallets are taken.

Easily control of the goods which are short in stock life or deteriorated goods can be done quickly . The structure of the sliding rack rollers can be adapted due to the differently material types (reel and brake mechanism). Another advantage of Gravity Racking System is that it provides optimal space and volume utilization and allows integration of automated material flow.