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The Radio Pallet Shuttle System is a high-density storage system, which allows loading and unloading of the products without the use of forklifts in the warehouse.

The Radio Pallet Shuttle System is used by the operator with a remote control which has forward and backward, up and down, loading and unloading functions.

Loading and unloading can be done quickly at the racks.

The Radio Pallet Shuttle can be transferred to other rack cells by using a forklift.

The Radio Shuttle can be lift pallet’s at different sizes. It’s able to run at 1 meter’s per second and can carry 1500kg load. It has its own control unit and electrical system.

Advantages of Radio Pallet Shuttle Systems:

When Compared to conventional storage syetems solutions, drive-in drive throuhgt stands out.

It saves 50% time for operators. It uses the maximum storage capacity and electronically controls pallet loads.

The risk of operator misuse is low.

Reduce maneuvers in the operation of forklifs.

Radio Pallet Shuttle can be run automatically without the need for an operator.

Commands can be retrieved from the warehouse management system (WMS).

Once the shuttle is set, it moves freely.

It can work up to -30 degrees in cold rooms.