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Akdeniz Rack

Akdeniz storage and rack systems, provides service for warehouse and rack systems demands which continuously developed itself. It was established in 2004 with its entrepreneurial, innovative and responsible vision.

In a short period of time, we have grown rapidly and became stable as we took our place among the respected and reliable establishments in storage sectors, as AkdenizRack®.

Our company serves vital importance to Arge operations in storage and rack Systems. The work is performed with the approval of selected domestic and internatinal universities, which ae recognized by our expert ArGe Engineers in our factory in Bilecik, which lead to produce new products in the market. These studies are performed accordingly with these universities. After we design our products which are transferred from the Arge unit to the tests unit, final approval are made at the universities.

Our company values are honesty, reliablety,which take the same responsibility with the customer; we guarantee our customer satisfaction by providıng consistent, efficient, stable and beneficial.

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AkdenizRack has proven their experties internationally, by providing project management solutions with its expert staff and teamwork,which are requested from all over the world. Our company is a trusted business partner, moving forward confidently toward its goals with superior technological capabilities and preferred by many customers.

Our priority is to meet the needs of our customers in a timely manner by preparing projects that are worthy of our credibility in the sector.

Our company has adopted the principle of continuous growth through its projects that are developed and completed by employing employees in modern technology sensitive to public health and environment by ensuring job security.

Rack Systems Products

With its wide range of products, AkdenizRack is your reliable, quality and economical solution partner that has reliable priorities in every field in your warehouse field.

Rack Systems Services

We are a well-established company that keeps the customer satisfaction front panel always in the quality service understanding in the rack mounting and disassembly and maintenance and repair works.



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